I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much water coming down as on my arrival in Nepal. And so it continued for several days. The rivers were gushing and the streets were so flooded that that there wasn’t a dry patch to step on. Some regions have suffered terribly. As the bus arrived in Pokhara it was more like getting off a boat in the middle of a lake than at the bus park. While it kept pouring down, the kids everywhere were busy each morning intensively focusing on their exams, which go on for another week. So rather than properly teaching we spend the afternoons doing other fun educational activities, playing football or volleyball and hiking in the mountains.

In the last few months we have received a further £325, thanks you everybody who has donated through gofundme and from those who came to our yoga in Italy. We have a few different activities coming up in November and December; the music event and some Christmas markets, so we hope to raise more in order to cover for what we want to give now. So later this week we are doing a health camp for the 67 kids at the school in Pame (who got uniforms in April). Many of these children (or their families) have never had a health or dental check up, and it’s unlikely anybody has their own toothbrush.  Any necessary dental treatment will be done on the day.  In total we will spend £600 (break down below):

Doctor, assistant and dentist:   £150
Medicines and vitamins (incl. first aid kit for school): £390
Transport: £40
Lunch for all: £20

As the Dashain festival is coming up soon, and it’s a really important family event, like last year we also want to help about 10 specific families, who have no income and few opportunities, by giving them rice, lentils and oil, as well as clothes that people have given to us to take here. We will spend £300, and again hope we will be able to raise this money in the coming months.

If anybody reading this is still thinking they would like to help by sending a donation, however big or small, it would be hugely appreciated. For example, £30 will buy huge, long lasting bags of rice and lentils and oil, and even a chicken to live a long and happy life (I hope) with them, for a family with several children.

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