So, back from Nepal…and I wanted to give you all a little update on what we were able to do this time, thanks to the money that our friends and strangers have contributed. Every $, £ or € really goes a long way. We only got to know The Pame basic school a few months ago, when they approached Alliance Nepal asking for some help, as this is a government school with no additional funding. I think they get a few hundred $s a year only, and how far does that go in terms of getting books, pencils, materials, etc. etc.? Not far as you can imagine. The families are poor and for many it’s impossible to buy a basic uniform for their children (this we were able to get for them in April), let alone take their children to the dentist or doctor. So I’m glad we were able to have this dental and health day to offer a check up, treatment and medicines if necessary for all of these 67 kids. Some parents or grandparents were also able to check their health, as well as some siblings (and the teachers too!). Many of the kids ended up having fillings or one or two teeth pulled out! Never seen kids be so brave…imagine how scary the dentist can be! But they just allowed whatever needed to be done, very much thanks to the gentle manner by our dentist, Monika. She gave injections to anaesthetised the decayed molars, a spray to pull out loose front or bottom teeth and efficiently filled cement in to smaller decay areas. Our doctor checked their pulse, ears, eyes, and whatever ailment was brought up and gave advice and treatment accordingly. All kids got worming treatment and supplement vitamins. All this, including a jeep transport to get there, all medicines and vitamins, 3 health care professions, etc. cost about $700.

The Dashain is a huge family and friends event in Nepal.  This festival involves some lovely activities; tika, swings, dressing up, family reunions, and some not so nice (sacrificing of animals), and means a lot to the Nepali people.  Like with our Christmas, it can also be a difficult time for those with no or low income families.  So like last year, we offered 10 families in Sarangkot a gift in terms of food to help them a little bit.  Some kids are orphaned and live with a grandparent, some have been through trauma, been left alone or separated from siblings, some father might be in prison, another might be injured, someone are just be unable for whatever reason, there isn’t that much work around, or they may earn very little while providing for multiple children, their own and those of relatives.  We gave them a huge bag of rice, lentils, oil, salt, sugar, spices and fruit.  Most of them would lug this huge weight on their backs on their long walk home, on a slippery path uphill or downhill.  This cost about $300 (including jeep transport up the hill.  By the way, the jeep transportation is often the main expense). They were all so smiley and grateful.  I hope anybody who has donated money to us really realises how much this means, how much they appreciate this, and what a difference just what you spend on lunch or a cab fare can make to a family of several people!  And it was lovely to see a girl we had visited a few days earlier who had been very sick, now look so well.  I’m going to write a little bit more about this family of 9-10 people soon, as they desperately need help with their home which is at the brink of collapsing.  Perhaps someone would like to help?    But for now, I know people don’t have that much time to read updates, and although I would have so much more to tell you about my trip, I’ll stop here.  Anybody who’s particularly interested, and wants to know more, or perhaps even thinking of coming to Nepal and get more involved, please message us privately.   And it’s super exciting that Diane is going in November!!  If you want to donate please click here: