Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved as part of your travels to Nepal, and work alongside any of the charities we are dealing with we can help you with any information on what you need to know and the practical aspects of your trip.  Before we went there the first time, we didn’t know much about how things work and just took the chance that everything was going to work out.  We knew very little about what school we were going to teach at, the ages of the children or what we were going to teach, the level the kids were at, nor did we know where we were going to stay, or how best to pack, what we needed and what would be useful to bring.  It’s not as if you’re going to die not knowing all these things, but it’s quite helpful to know how to be as prepared as you can be.  A lot of people tell us they are quite curious about going to Nepal, and some take on the challenging task of trekking as a way to see this beautiful country.  However, if you don’t want to go trekking or would like to combine your trekking with also experiencing a bit of ‘real’ life in Nepal we would be happy to assist you. It’s also a way of ‘giving back’.  And to be honest, if you just spend your money on an organised trek the chances are you don’t actually get to know or experience Nepal for real, except from seeing the beautiful nature.


There are many ways in which you can ‘give back’ or just give to Nepal, and in exchange you may even be in for a life-changing experience.  You will come across loads of charity organisations that work with Nepal when you google.  You may also come across some quite frightening information and news on scammers that actually take your money and put children at risk.  Horrific, but it does happen (read more on e.g. Next Generation Nepal website).  We can put you in touch with one of the organisations we work with or know can be trusted.  Of course, this would be based on what kind of work you would like to do or support you want to offer, but it seems teaching is one of the most popular activities, and always needed.   But there are various opportunities other than teaching kids too, such as care and support in a children’s home / boarding house or orphanage, teaching English to monks at a monastery, health care assistance, helping out with organic farming, gardening, painting, construction, etc.  Or you may just want to bring them a bag of clothes and shoes for the children, or books, pens and other things they would appreciate as part of your trip to Nepal.  Let us know!


In addition to deciding what to do, it can be a bit overwhelming arriving in a country with bad roads, poor infrastructure, challenges in communication, knowing where to stay, arranging taxis or other means of transport, understanding timetables (if they exist), etc.  And of course, deciding where you would like to volunteer, i.e. which region, and whether you want to be based in a city or in a remote village, in your own room, shared, in dorms, and how you get to the place where you will volunteer depending on where you stay.  Even though you can never been completely prepared, as things don’t always turn out as planned anyway, and before having been to Nepal it’s hard to imagine what it’s like or what you can expect, we can at least tell you our stories and talk you through some of the practical aspects and cultural norms.  And if you want, provide you with contact details.


Whether you are alone or there is a group of you wanting to go together, we can meet or chat on the phone to give you ideas, recommendations and an essential overview of what to expect.