Fundraising / events


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  In Nepal it is already 2078, and on 14th April, their Solar new year, it will be 2079.   The Lunar new year, Sonam Lhosar on 2nd of February is also celebrated.  Next will be the year of the Tiger.  So, although we’re still going through strange and unusual times, we are really pleased that we were able to hold some fundraising events this year.  We did five markets, all, except for one outdoors.  The ones before Christmas were really successful.  We sold handmade ceramics, bags, cards, butter knives,  scrunchies, etc. and made around £1000.  Thank you buyers!  

We have also had a couple of ceramics workshops for kids, that made £160, and at the annual charity concert (which didn’t happen in 2020) we made £1600, despite having to keep the numbers down.  Thank you everybody who helped out and who came.  It was a really enjoyable evening!  And we are continuously grateful for all the generous donations via gofundme.  The saying is ‘money is only a tool…’, but we can reassure you, it really is a tool that makes a huge difference.  A big thank you from the children, families and the schools too!


Our next trip to Nepal is coming up!  We hope to have raised enough money to do a dental camp for the kids at the school in Pame.  Also on 23rd November we will hold another music evening in Islip, this time with 3 bands playing.  Check out the Islip Blues and Soul Revue on Facebook for ticket info.  All proceeds will go to our collaborations in Nepal.


We are really pleased to have almost sold out tickets to the music event on 23/11!  We will also be selling handmade ceramic art, like pots, bowls, plates, soap dishes, and cute little wooden creatures at Christmas markets in Sweden, Oxford and Goring.  Please get in touch if you would like to buy something – and thereby support the kids in Nepal, maybe for yourself or as a Christmas present.

JULY 2019

Our friends and yoga teachers, Francesca and Rachel kindly offered to guide us through some asanas in Italy where anybody could donate as they wished for the class and we collected €90.  Namaste 


Swishing party in Islip. Diane held this party at her house and around 30-40 people turned up.   It was very successful and we raised around £400.  This, plus the pot from the Gofundme page came to £1000 and was used to buy a full set of uniforms, books and pencils for 67 children at the Pame school in Pokhara.

January 2019

We had raised more and sent £815 to Alliance Nepal to buy furniture for the school in Astam, in the Annapurna region.


November 2018

Music event in Islip with The Oxford Beatles and The Old Blue Cats (both generously played for free). We raised £1540. for H.E.L.P. to buy computers for the Shree Kalikadevi secondary school and uniforms for Shree Sarawati basic school.

 September 2018

We set up Gofundme page. When we left for Nepal in October 2018 we had raised about £1500. 

£500 was given to H.E.L.P. to buy school furniture The Shree Saraswati basic school, and £950 to Alliance Nepal to buy rice, lentils and oil for some poor families during the Dashain festival and jumpers, shoes, socks and hats to the kids at Shree Janata basic school, and before it got too cold also for another school in Sarangkot.