June 2019

Namaste! It doesn’t feel like long since I got back in mid-May, but time flies.  The first couple of days I spent in Helambu, at the Norbuling secondary school high up in the mountains.  It’s only about 70-80km for Kathmandu but the journey, which is only possible by...

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April 2019

Diane organised a Swishing party at her house and invited any local and distant ladies to come ‘shopping’ for nearly new clothes.  This works by people bringing along clothes and leaving it to everybody’s discretion to pay whatever item they want for the items.  This...

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November 2018

In November we organised a music event at Islip Village Hall.  We had 2 bands playing, The Oxford Beatles and The Old Blue Cats, both who generously didn’t charge anything for bringing along their masses of equipment and playing a fantastic set of songs.   It was a...

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