November 2021 – Back in Nepal and busy busy

It’s been busy, but busy in a nice way.  Because it’s so nice to be back in Nepal.  And they’re super busy here too, with people in the villages right in the middle of harvesting the rice at the moment.  The weather has been perfect and it’s good to see that life...

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Another year gone by, and things are finally looking up

Hope…  “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” There is finally a glimmer of hope that the pandemic is gradually beginning to wane in the world, and it’s also looking a little bit better for Nepal, with...

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November 2020

Happy Tihar!  The 5 day festival of light and hope.  Over the last few days crows, cows and dogs have been worshipped, and yesterday was a big day celebrating Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and luck.  Today is the Bhaitika day and sisters and brothers share their...

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July 2020

   Months have passed since the coronavirus pandemic started and as expected, more and more cases have been diagnosed in Nepal too.  As of today, there are 18,500 cases but as can be noted, the testing rate is low. But if we go by official figures, thankfully the...

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May 2020

    It’s already May and the pandemic continues to sweep across the continents, in different directions and at different intensity it seems…. In Nepal, like almost everywhere else in the world, schools and businesses have closed, transport has stopped running,...

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January 2020

Happy new year! By the way, did you know it is already 2076 in Nepal? * We had a very busy last month and we are really amazed by how generous and supportive people have been!  The music event in Islip was a really fun evening with great music by the Old Blue Cats,...

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Later in November

At the beginning of November my friend Suzan and I went to the Pame school. We received a really warm welcome from the Headmaster and his wife whose house we would be staying in for the duration of our teaching. We walked 5 minutes up the hill with the Headmaster to...

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November 2019

November is  here!…and it is actually one of the best months to be in Nepal. Many areas have just finished the rice harvesting, and although it’s a bit colder, it is pleasantly fresh, and the sky is usually blue and crystal clear so you can see the beautiful mountains...

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October 2019

So, back from Nepal...and I wanted to give you all a little update on what we were able to do this time, thanks to the money that our friends and strangers have contributed. Every $, £ or € really goes a long way. We only got to know The Pame basic school a few months...

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